Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A day in the life

My current project - a pair of socks with cables at the top - for my sponsee J. - this is what I do in AA meetings in order to keep my big mouth shut.
After the 6:30 a.m. meeting, I decided to take a picture - it's my foot (obviously), my knitting, my coffee, my purse, and a box of kleenex - with the steps and traditions in the background.

Breakfast once I hit my office. I eat the same breakfast every single morning... plain, nonfat yogurt, with blueberries - and Uncle Sam Cereal.

Picked up a few items at lunch time to bring back to the office.

This is my "view" most of the day, except for the feet... I was hamming it up for the camera.
I LOVE the view from my office, putting my foot on the window sill was unnecessary, but it felt good anyway.
I got home and decided to head out into the garden. Pruning a rose bush - it's alive! it's alive!
Yes, I really have gloves and crocs that match - and they are both dirty - which means I really use them both for gardening.