Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Garage Project

This is not your father's peg board. This is girlie peg board purchased at Target. $4.99 each modular panel. And my studs were not spaced so that I could put them side by side as I had planned. Damn those studs! They never cooperate!
Look at those nice shelves I assembled! I am so impressed!
Look at those cords, hanging on little nails! Isn't that amazing?
Oh, but this is the "dark" side. The side I have not yet gotten to. Can I ever clean this?
But my car still fits in here, so I will tell myself I am not THAT disorderly.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

My new bike! See those big fat tires? Those enable me to ride again without the terror that has been present since my accident. Yay!

Bear Creek Lake - this "beach" is actually crowded in the summer. It is a nice place for a little open-water swim.

A foot/bike bridge over Turkey Creek
I got to the top of the trail! And this is the view to the east... (denver)
A view to the west
Bear Creek
A pretty foot/bike bridge over the Bear Creek.

It was a nice little (12 miles) bike ride. It feels so great to be back on a bike. Biking is my favorite form of exercise. It just feels like fun to me.